trc Lighting is a fresh new alternative for film, television, photography, event lighting, and equipment rental. Based in Sydney, Australia trc Lighting has a growing range of HMI, tungsten, LED and fluorescent lights for hire, as well as a wide variety of lighting control equipment and textiles. trc Lighting has been the lighting department for a number of projects, from feature films such as Redd inc. TV drama series Deep Water, All Saints, & The High Road to  commercials for Emirates Airlines, as well as numerous music videos and short films.
Whether it's short-term, daily, weekend, week, or a longer-term production, trc Lighting can cater a lighting package to suit your needs and budget. 
trc Lighting can also provide professional lighting crew who have years of experience in both film and television.
trc Lighting is operated by lighting professionals, who have an intimate knowledge of the film and television industry, as well as their equipment. With years of experience as lighting crew on various films, commercials, and series, trc lighting was formed with the purpose of using that accumulated knowledge to allow us to give our clients, the best technicians and equipment available for the job. All of our gear is professional, modern, and well-maintained lighting equipment, available at very competitive rates.
For your next music video, commercial, drama, short film, photo shoot, series, contact trc Lighting and find out how we can help you create the most professional looking project, easily, efficiently, and within your budget.

​​​​Our Equipment

trc Lighting's collection of lights, lighting equipment and accessories is constantly growing and evolving. With lights from companies such as Arri , Sunray, Kino-Flo, Dedolight, Joker Bug,  and Chimera, all of our equipment is modern and well maintained, giving you the benefit of knowing that the equipment you are renting will work for you with out costly downtime.

trc lighting offers packages to suit your requirements. Our premade "truck-package" is the perfect kit for most small to mid-sized tv productions, but we can cater a lighting package for your individual productions needs.
If a pre-packaged lighting kit is not enough for you, then you can create your own custom lighting package, tailoring the equipment to your needs. Contact us at trc lighting and we will help you put together the perfect lighting kit for your production.
Meet The Team

Richard Mason

Richard Mason has a vast variety of lighting experience, encompassing theatre, events and more specifically film and television, spanning the last 18 years.

He has worked on large projects such as The Matrix trilogy, Mad Max: Fury Road, Superman Returns, Tomorrow When The War Began, The Great Gatsby and The Wolverine, as well as Gaffing local TV series All Saints and Home & Away. He has operated balloon lights on Lord of the Rings and Underwater lighting on Fools Gold, Oceans and Life of Pi. Through out this time, he has continued a vast commercial, music video and short film profile.

You can view a more complete listing of Richard's work here .

Tommy Hankinson

Tommy has been working in film and television in different roles for 11 years.

Having worked both in the United Kingdom and locally on a huge variety of projects including feature films such as Stealth, Superman Returns, The Great Gatsby, The Sapphires, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Wolverine and Legacy.

Television Series including All Saints, Power Games, Dance Academy, Rake, Deep Water and Home & Away. He has also been involved in countless commercials, short films, and numerous music videos.

You can view are more complete listing of Tommy's work here

Chris Follett

Chris has been working in the Film and Television industry for 11 years, and in that time he has worked on Feature films, such as Mao's Last Dancer, Tomorrow When the War Began, The Wolverine, The Grandmothers, and The Great Gatsby.

TV Drama's including Puberty Blues, A Place to Call Home, All Saints, My Place, Rake, Deep Water, and Home & Away. As well as numerous other projects, Television Commercials, Music Videos and Short films.

He has a real passion for lighting and loves the challenges film making presents. Chris is always looking forward to creating and learning new things.

You can view a more complete listing of Chris's work here .


You can keep up to date with what we're up to via our Facebook page. If you don't use Facebook, then here's the highlights...

10/12/16 - That's a wrap on "Rip Tide". We've enjoyed our time on the south coast.

21/11/16 - Day 1 of "Rip Tide".

11/11/16 - Shooting "Cooee", a short film in the Snowy Mountains.

30/10/16 - Shooting a short spot for the Newcastle Knights at their stadium.

29/10/16 - Shooting a commercial for Hungry Jacks Frozen Cokes.